Dear Member:
     Please take this opportunity to review the various committees that serve the needs of your Local Union. It is these committees that make it possible to successfully advance the interests and needs of organized labor and yourself. In order to be successful however; it takes the involvement of the membership, which is every one of us, myself included. For that reason,  we are soliciting your involvement in the various committees that serve your Local Union. We have a variety of committees that allow for you to utilize your talents and ability to help. Below please find some of the committees (with a brief description) that need your involvement:

Organizing - This committee is the lifeblood of organized labor. It assists in building and organizing new Steelworker Units to create a better lifestyle and working environment for unorganized workers in the area.

Political Action - A particularly key committee to help ensure the interests of working families are addressed and to mobilize members to take action in the political arena.

Rapid Response - A very important committee utilizing an innovative program, pioneered by the USWA, to quickly communicate to members issues that affect them and their families.

Community Services - An active committee that addresses the needs of the membership, their families and community. If some one needs help or assistance, this committee takes the lead in helping or finding assistance for that particular need.

Chem-Steel News - This is the newsletter that goes to every member in the Local and beyond. If you have an interest in writing and want to be part of this key communications team, this would be the committee for you.

Civil Rights - This committee is under the direction of the International and it is used to implement the Union’s commitment to be an advocate of members’ civil rights and liberties. • Women of Steel - This committee’s focus is to increase the recognition, participation, training, knowledge and understanding of women in the Steelworkers organization.

Next Generation - (The United Steelworkers are committed to grooming the next generation of activists and leaders to ensure a sustainable future for the labor movement. The Next Gereration group is here to give our young members (35 and younger) the education and voice to continue the good work of USW leaders that came before us.

Entertainment & Recreation - Anytime there is a Local or District function, it is this committee which gets involved to make it happen. The Local 12075 annual Christmas party for underprivileged children is a prime example of what this committee does.

As you can see, there are many areas that your Local Union needs your help and involvement. I respectfully ask you to think hard about what role you can play in your Union and get involved. If you are interested in participating in any one of these committees, please contact me at 989-495-9350 or We will need your full name, address and phone number and what Unit you are from. Please, consider becoming a participant in one or more of your Local’s committees. I know everyone’s schedule is busy but a few hours a month is a small price for a successful Union. Thanks for your time and consideration.

In Solidarity, Kent Holsing President .