President's Message to the Members of the 12075-00 Dow Chemical Unit-Contract Extension Discussions

To All:


As has been previously communicated to our Stewards and at the November Dow Unit meeting, The Dow Chemical Company, Michigan Operations-Midland had approached your Bargaining Committee to enter into discussions to extend the current contract (which is set to expire on February 10, 2017).  Based on feedback from the Dow Unit Stewards Body and after extensive discussion among your Bargaining Committee and the International United Steelworkers, we agreed to enter into those discussions.

 Today, Thursday, December 1st we started those negotiations.

 Your Bargaining Committee along with our USW Staff Representative will be meeting with the Company over the next couple of weeks.

We are scheduled to meet with the Company tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd and also have scheduled the following dates and times:

 ·         Tuesday, December 6th

·         Wednesday, December 7th

·         Thursday, December 8th

 A hold has been placed for Friday, December 9th.  Additional dates will be scheduled as necessary.

 These discussions will be revolving primarily around economic issues and as a result, the standard preparations and processes that we would normally practice for a full negotiations were not necessary.

 It is our expectation and goal that will be able to reach a tentative agreement to bring forth to explain to the Dow Unit membership and allow the membership to vote upon. 

 We are scheduled to have our December Dow Unit meeting at 5:00 PM, Tuesday, December 6th at the Local 112075 Union Hall.  I am requesting that all members make an effort to attend this meeting so we can update you on these discussions moving forward.

 Also, we will need choose five (5) members of the Dow Unit to serve at the Ratification Election Committee.  This committee will be responsible to conduct the election process for the contract ratification.  We will be asking for volunteers, in the event we get more than five (5) volunteers the membership present at the meeting will elect five (5) members to serve on the Committee.

 Again, we urge all members to come to the Dow Unit meeting at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 6th.

 Please forward this email to your members.  Also, please find attached a posting that you print off, post and distribute.

 Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Kent Holsing
USW Local 12075
989-495-9350 (Office)
989-495-9352 (Fax)
989-615-3901 (Cell)
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